Stack-based GP
In stack-based genetic programming, the programs in the evolving population are expressed in a stack-based programming language. The specific languages vary among systems, but most are similar to FORTH insofar as programs are composed of instructions that take arguments from data stacks and push results back on those data stacks. In the Push family of languages, which were designed specifically for genetic programming, a separate stack is provided for each data type, and program code itself can be manipulated on data stacks and subsequently executed.

Depending on the specific language and genetic operators used, stack-based genetic programming can have a variety of advantages over tree-based genetic programming. These may include improvements or simplifications to the handling of multiple data types, bloat-free mutation and recombination operators, execution tracing, programs with loops that provide valid outputs even when terminated prematurely, parallelism, evolution of arbitrary control structures, and automatic simplification of evolved programs.

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